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Tyre Service Auckland

North Harbour Hire has been delivering satisfaction to New Zealanders for years with top-notch tyre services. Whether you drive a sedan, 4x4 or a van, we have the right equipment, the right people and the right Auckland tyres to keep you safe on the road.


Tyre Fitting

If you are in need of a new set of tyres, North Harbour Hire will help you. We supply majorbrands, including Maxxis and HiFly, to make sure you are getting high quality tyres. We also have the HiFly HF201 tyres in our line-up, which was recently tested by Consumer Magazine and are rated highly in dry cornering, wet cornering, dry braking, wet braking and fuel efficiency.

With a range of brands, we are sure to find you the perfect tyre for your vehicle—andyour budget.


Tyre Balancing

Correct tire balance on your car is extremely important. It can provide even tread wear and minimised vibration; it can also protect your tyres, shock absorbers, struts and steering components from wearing prematurely. Most importantly, correct tire balance can provide overall safer driving conditions.

The tyre professionals here at North Harbour Hire provide first-rate tyre balancing service. Using our cutting edge tools and the latest wheel balancing technology, we will ensure that the weight of your wheels is equally distributed.

Our North Harbour Hire team knows North Shore tyres inside and out, and we are focused on delivering 100%satisfaction to all our customers. We offer competitive pricing, too—our prices listed below already include GST, fitting and balancing

Call us for a quote on your sizing!


Typical pricing given below - call us for a quote on your sizing!!


black rubber tyre


175/70 R13 MA-P3 - $100

185/65R14 MA-P3 - $110

205/65R15 MA-P3 - $130

black rubber tyre


175/70 R13 HF201 - $75

185/65R14 HF201 - $85

205/65R15 HF201 - $100

black rubber tyre


235/75R15 MA751 - $220

265/70R16 MA751 - $250

black rubber tyre


235/75R15 AT601 - $190

265/70R16 AT601 - $225