Welding Gas Swap


EZiSWAP Gas Swap

Welding Gas Bottle Swap

Until now, the only way to refill your large, 9kg gas bottle was to lug it to your car, drive it to the nearest service station, and wait patiently for it to be filled. Now, a newly filled replacement gas bottle is just a few minutes away, which means less time hanging around the service station.

Swap at Your Convenience

With North Harbour Hire, you can simply take your empty gas bottle to our office and swap it for a new or reconditioned full cylinder.

To be more precise, we are a bottle swap service for EziSwap bottles, and we are one of the most reliable EziSwap Gas Centres in the region. We are open seven days a week—anytime during our normal business hours. And as long as your EziSwap gas bottle is in good condition and is in current test date, we will swap it with a new, full one.

Top-Notch Swapping Service by North Harbour Hire

With our service, you can enjoy the following:

  • Simple grab and go exchange process (No need to put your project on hold!)
  • Quality-assured process
  • New, fully inspected gas bottles
  • Tested gas bottles to detect and prevent leaks
  • No need to worry about checking test dates

Aside from all these, our service is also offered with the benefit of our fast turnaround response, reliable, supply, and competitive rates to customers throughout Auckland.

Simply call us at 09 478 9480 and we will swap your old gas bottle for a new one—it’s that simple.